Welcome to my blog — for real this time

Hello! So, I’m sure you’re wondering where everything went and why everything looks different now! Firstly, all of the depressing stuff I used to post is not actually gone, it’s just marked as private. I may or may not republish them or something in some archive, but for not they’re staying in the vault because I want to use this blog in a different direction.

I just want to move away from the depressed ramblings of an insane person that my blog very quickly devolved into and move to what I think I blog should be. Like a normal blog.

I’ll try to update this blog once a week with articles about the topic that speaks to me post that week and I’ll try to make them interesting 😛

Thanks for hanging in there with me to all of my old-time readers and welcome to any new readers!

– Amir


PS: If you wanna work together, you should shoot me an email though this page!